Our company was born in Campagna, a city near Salerno in sout of Italy, immersed in the valley of the Monti Picentini.

Always family-run, it arose from the desire to promote and offer one of the humblest and oldest products of tradition: biscuit bread, or as they say in Campagna, O’ Viscuott.


In the late 1960s, Italy experienced what historians call "the Italian economic miracle (...) a period in Italian history, between the 1950s and 1960s (...), characterized by strong economic growth and technological development ..." (Source:

During those years, grandmother Angela and grandfather Michele met, married, bought a house, and started their business: a small wood-fired oven to make bread, sweet and savory biscuits, taralli, and other products. These were also the years of "work in Germany," where grandfather Michele went along with many compatriots to earn money to pay for the house and oven they bought. These were years of hardship and hard work, children arrived, and the family grew.

By 1960, the business was fully operational; "the oven" had become a local reality, and in that year Angela and Michele welcomed their second child: Bruno, who still remembers "that wood-fired oven where grandmother baked bread."
Not particularly fond of books but raised on bread and sweat, at 18 "father Bruno" took over the reins of the family bakery and sensed the strong potential it could achieve if one of Campagna's most typical products were known beyond local borders: Campagna's Viscuotto, or hard bread, dried bread, biscuit bread.

During fresh bread deliveries, father Bruno started giving away, literally, packages of biscuit bread to convince merchants to try it, to have their customers try it, to introduce this product, as ancient as it is still loved and appreciated today.

Business grew, and father Bruno began a long period of collaboration with his older brother, which ended in recent years.

The local bakery that produced bread, sweets, and other products gradually became a biscuit factory specializing in the production of biscuit bread, still thriving today thanks to "father Bruno," baker out of love and vocation, raised amidst floured wicker baskets while grandmother Angela kneaded the bread. Beside father Bruno are us, his daughters: Marta and Sabrina, and a splendid team of collaborators with whom over time we have built not only a cohesive work team but a real family.


The history of this product traces back to the ancient peasant culture, when bread was considered a precious commodity and could not be wasted. In those times, bread was not made every day, and when it was produced, only a rationed portion was destined for daily consumption, while the rest was passed back through the oven to remove moisture and dried. This process allowed the bread to be preserved for a long time, so it could be consumed later. This ancient tradition gave rise to "hard bread" or "biscuit bread."

Our biscuit bread, or Viscuotto, is still produced today according to the ancient local recipe, combining artisanal preparation methods and modern technologies that allow us to achieve high quality standards.

With careful control and monitoring of every production phase (from mixing to proofing, from baking to packaging) and the meticulous selection of raw materials, we have been able to create an innovative product in the bakery sector while continuing to bring to our customers' tables a biscuit bread that preserves all the characteristics of local tradition.


From baking to packaging, all stages of production of our products.

Our bread is produced using artisanal methods; in fact, from production to packaging, many of the most important steps are still done by hand, ensuring that unique feature that has made it a highly appreciated product for over 40 years.

The slices of Viscuotti bread are cut and separated by hand so that each slice is different and unique from the others, just like homemade bread that we cut on our tables.

Even the packaging in bags and trays is strictly done by hand, and each piece of bread is carefully selected by the skilled hands of our collaborators, to offer only the best of our products.

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